Nextdoor and Gartner’s Hype


Gartner’s Hype Cycle provide graphical timelines of growth of technologies and applications, in which their importance holds to identifying and solving business problems. The Hype Cycle is very beneficial in finding out where a company stands in their journey to success. It has a total of 5 phases that are used to identify where a company is on the slope; Technology Trigger, Trough of Disillusionment, Slope of Enlightenment, and Plateau of Productivity.

So where does the Hype Cycle put Nextdoor after my observation? Nextdoor has been moving steadily along the slope. I believe that Nextdoor is in the Slope of Enlightenment phase due to the fact that recently they have made changes to stop their “racial profiling” problems. Users of the site were reporting of “suspicious” people in their neighborhoods solely based on the color of their skin. Many of the descriptions in the reports were insufficient and they simply read “African-American, Black, or scary sketchy”. There isn’t much you can do with that information if you are trying to spot crime.

Nextdoor CEO reacted to those types of post by building a new interface to create incident reports. The interface is more complex and less user-friendly which makes it more difficult to just be able to report illegitimate incident reports. To do this, they used the local law enforcement in Oakland, California to come up with a more intrinsic follow-up questions for users to answer to complete their online incident reports efficiently.

Margaret Rhodes stated in her article that, “If a caller says “a dark-skinned man is breaking into a car,” the 911 operator asks for elaboration: “OK, what else can you describe?” This type of exchange is what Tolia and his team have baked into Nextdoor’s new interface.”

Their presence has reached many different media outlets. Dr. Phil featured the social platform on his show.

The segment from the show can be seen here:

On the show, Nextdoor’s CEO, Nirav Tolia, can be seen explaining the reasons that everyone should connect by signing up and using the app. They have also been featured and mentioned on CNN, New York Times Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.


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  1. How can this door to door social media sight allow neighbors to interact with each other? Most people live years in their neighborhoods without meeting their neighbors. In today’s society, the meet and greet phase has diminished and Nextdoor plans to capitalize off of this lack in community involvement. What’s one way to spark interest amongst people is by allowing them to have access to the creative things that are happening in their community that they otherwise would have not known existed.
    A lot of social media channels are partnering up to share content on a wider scale amongst one another. This idea allows you to have more traction to your site to promote the promised sponsored services. Nextdoor leading competitors such as Facebook and Twitter have done this will many retail online companies such as Etsy and Pinterest. This allows for more conversation to be had and promote relevance of both networks within the partnership.
    The unique characteristic that NextDoor is the limitation that the site sets on users. Because the internet is used to connect people worldwide the idea of sponsorships amongst different social media networks is slim. Therefore, if a spin was placed on this idea by connecting creative buyers and sellers within a certain geographic area would provide a better marketing stand point. People are interested in knowing about that is located by them and how it can affect their day to day lives. Why not plan on that?
    Waleno and Nextdoor would be great companies to partner along each other. They both play off the uniqueness of society and this would be a great platform for entrepreneur on Waleno to capitalize off of the users within the same area. Because Nextdoor is moving on the path of enlightenment the network is stable in the image that it wants to obtain and will be consistent with the traffic follow to Waleno. The since of community is important to both companies when having users interact with one another through their social media channels. Therefore, the company Nextdoor needs to obtain partnership to promote conversation on their platforms.


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