The Look of Nextdoor


Nextdoor is very user-friendly app. Upon account creation, you’ll be asked about your address which will be used to verify your account. So if you don’t have an address, then you can’t get an account to say the least and only real names can be used when signing up. Which can’t be said about the signup process for many other social media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

Nextdoor groups the residents of the same neighborhood together on their site so that only those members will be able to interact with each other. But as of recently, the company added Nearby Neighborhood as a feature for users to get in contact and see what is going on with nearby neighborhoods.

It can be accessed through the computer or mobile phone app. You can also sign up for their email and text messaging list that will alert you when ever anyone posts a message. A map of your neighbors is on the site for further review. You’ll be able to see where each of your neighbors live if they are signed up with Nextdoor. The neighborhood must have over 100 homes but at least 9 members for it to be used or identified with the database.  On average, there are 750 members per community/neighborhood. Residents of the neighborhood can verify each other’s address in the process if needed and they can also keep track of the postings for Nextdoor.

The platform’s value expanded when local police departments were able to use the app to help the community. In the beginning, the app was just used for the residents to post about crimes. Now, the police can use the app to post about crime and give alerts when needed at any time.To the consumers, it should make the app seem like something that can be trusted among the masses.


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