Topics of Twitter

Twitter is another leading social media platform as many of us already know. Our very own President of the United States loves to use Twitter every day for his “recreational purposes”. With that being the favorite media outlet for the President, it gained popularity as many Americans wanted to see what he was going to “tweet” next.

It’s a form of media to say whatever you want to say while organizing your posts. Twitter is also known for its “meme” creations, which are humorous pictures, videos or texts that are carried along from one person to another.

Nextdoor and Twitter are similar in regards to their timelines. Both of the social media mediums’ timelines are organized in chronological fashion. Businesses are able to post their ads and the consumers will be able to see them at their nearest convenience.

Nextdoor’s user platform is much more private than Twitter, which could have a good or bad outcome in marketing compared to Twitter. Marketing on Twitter can easily be accessed by anyone at anytime, whereas with Nextdoor only the members in your neighborhood are given access to see your posts. But, if you’re a small local bakery that’s just focused on making an impact locally rather than internationally, then Nextdoor is definitely your way to go. Twitter is a great realm of marketing for any type of business which is part of the reason of its many successes.


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